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Welcome to America's #NationalFamilyEngagementDay!

See local school highlights from last November!

On the 29th Annual National Parental Involvement Day, November 16, Project Appleseed was delighted to welcome U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona engaging in a live webinar for parents in celebration of National Parental Involvement Day! The webinar features Secretary Cardona and other senior Department officials in a lively conversation with Grace Bastidas of Parents magazine. Take a look at celebrations across America in 2023 and more!

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A day for America's parents, grandparents and caring adults! As a leader in advocacy for parent involvement in education, Project Appleseed has a long history of supporting and promoting National Parental Involvement Day - the oldest family engagement event in education. In 1994, we created this special day as part of American Education Week, and on the third Thursday in November of every year since then, we have worked to raise awareness about the importance of family involvement in education and the positive impact it can have on student achievement.

Throughout the years, we have seen firsthand the difference that engaged and involved parents can make in their children's education. Whether it's helping with homework, attending parent-teacher conferences, or volunteering at school events, every parent has a unique and valuable role to play in their child's education.

That's why we encourage schools to join us in celebrating National Parental Involvement Day and to continue fostering meaningful engagement with families throughout the year. By participating in this special day, schools can recognize and celebrate the contributions of parents and volunteers, promote the importance of family and community involvement in education, encourage collaboration and partnership, and promote the value of public education to the broader community. 

By participating in National Parental Involvement Day schools can:

  • Recognize and celebrate the contributions of parents and volunteers: National Parental Involvement Day provides an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the hard work and dedication of parents and other volunteers who give their time and resources to support public schools.

  • Promote the importance of family and community involvement: National Parental Involvement Day helps to raise awareness about the importance of family and community involvement in education and the positive impact it can have on student achievement.

  • Encourage collaboration and partnership: National Parental Involvement Day provides an opportunity to build strong partnerships between schools, families, and communities and to promote collaboration and teamwork

  • Promote public education: National Parental Involvement Day is also a chance to showcase the achievements of students and teachers and to promote the value of public education to the broader community.

The Soft Power of National Parental Involvement Day

In addition to these benefits, National Parental Involvement Day also provides an opportunity for schools to increase family engagement through the use of soft power. Soft power is the ability to influence others through attraction and persuasion, rather than through coercion or force. In the context of education, soft power can be used by schools to increase family engagement by creating positive experiences and building relationships with families.

Here are some specific ways schools can use soft power to increase family engagement during National Parental Involvement Day:

  1. Promote National Parental Involvement Day through social media, newsletters, and other communication channels to raise awareness and encourage participation.

  2. Host events and activities that engage families in meaningful ways, such as workshops, open houses, and volunteer projects.

  3. Share stories and testimonials from parents and educators about the impact of family engagement on student learning and achievement.

  4. Collaborate with community organizations and local businesses to provide resources and support for families.

  5. Recognize and celebrate the contributions of parents and families through awards, certificates, and other forms of recognition.

By using soft power to create positive experiences and build relationships with families, schools can help build momentum and support for ongoing family engagement efforts. We hope you will join us in celebrating National Parental Involvement Day and in working to promote the vital role that parents play in supporting their children's education and success. 

Suggested Planning Steps

Get Ready. Our national celebrations of family engagement in schools - calls upon parents, grandparents and caring adults to assist teachers and staff with the day-to-day activities involved in providing a balanced education and nutrition for our students. Schools should engage parents, grandparents and caring adults as an important part of a team that strives to ensure that each and every student succeed.

Schools are encouraged to host a new event on - or move an existing event to National Parent Involvement Day to honor parents. Issue a Proclamation! Ask your superintendent, school board, mayor, city council, state representative or governor to issue a proclamation celebrating National Parental Involvement Day.

Highlight the value of parental involvement in your schools and let us know about your efforts! Here are some examples from our previous celebrations below.



Get Your Team. It's About Teamwork! Working together with employers, employees, parents, mentors, and educators are key to creating a successful day that strengthens the connection between education and home, between parents and their children.

Planning Timeline

Start Now! Planning Guide is provided to help generate event ideas. Meet with the principal, teachers and parent group leaders to discuss possible ideas.

Mobilize: Plan the event and mobilize volunteers, finalize event preparations by the beginning of November.


Nov. 21, 2024:

  • Schools celebrate National Parent Involvement Day.

  • Schools and PTA/PTO’s submit photos and a brief description of their National Parent Day event to be published on Project Appleseed’s web site.

  • Post your event to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #NationalParentalInvolvementDay


Nov. 21, 2024 thru April 21-26, 2024

  • Countdown begins with 150 days between National Parental Involvement Day and Public School Volunteer Week.

Project Appleseed Parent Activity Guide
MO Proclamation 2021.jpg

Social Media History

Thank you for celebrating one of the oldest family engagement events in America!

National Parental Involvement Day cannot take place without the support of parents, educators, school boards, sponsors, partners, speakers, staff, and the attendees themselves. Project Appleseed wants to show our gratitude to all those who helped make National Parental Involvement Day a success. Here's a look at hundreds of past events across the country!

                    "#nationalparentalinvolvementday"                                      "National Parental Involvement Day"

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NSBA Partners with National PTA on Virtual Town Hall

On National Parent Involvement Day, Nov. 17


November 15, 2022 - Decades of research shows that family engagement matters for student success, with students whose families are engaged more likely to attend school, avoid discipline problems, achieve at higher levels, and graduate. Research also suggests that family engagement is equally as important as school leadership or a rigorous curriculum in predicting school improvement.

At 7 p.m. on Nov. 17, NSBA will partner with National PTA and other national education organizations to celebrate National Parent Involvement Day in a virtual town hall with National PTA President Anna King, NSBA Executive Director and CEO Dr. John Heim, and other education leaders. Town hall participants will discuss the importance of parental involvement in schools and how PTA’s National Standards for Family-School Partnerships can enhance efforts to help children and communities thrive.   

Virtual Town Hall: The updated National Standards for Family-School Partnerships help families and schools build strong partnerships. Watch as the @NationalPTA, @AASApage, @AFTunion, @NEAToday, @NAESP and @SchoolBoards join together on Project Appleseed’s 28th Annual #NationalParentalInvolvementDay 2022 for a virtual townhall about the revised Standards and hear from leaders in the field. U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona was a special guest.

Kevin Walker, Founder & President of Project Appleseed

Tune in to discover how using the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships can enhance your efforts to help children and communities thrive. Hear about the latest updates to the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships, discover our newest resources, and learn directly from leading researchers and practitioners in the field. Access it here on YouTube.

Dallas ISD celebrates National Parent Involvement Day 


Dallas ISD is celebrating Nov. 17, National Parent Involvement Day all week long with events hosted by the Family and Community Engagement department. It’s important that our parents feel valued and below are ways students can highlight the powerful contributions that parents and guardians provide at school and at home to support student success. 

Monday, Nov. 14: Facebook Live Appreciation – Parents are invited to join us on Facebook Live  at 9 a.m. for a special message from Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Stephanie Elizalde and the Trustees as they share their gratitude for parents.

Tuesday, Nov. 15: Crazy Sock day – Students and staff are allowed to wear crazy socks.

Wednesday. Nov. 16: I’m Thankful For My Parents Because….                   More.......

National Parental Involvement Day

Many individuals in public education impact students’ lives. It takes every person — bus drivers and classroom teachers to cafeteria workers, administrative staff, and countless others — to make a difference. Parents and legal guardians are critical factors in students’ success and well-being.

Parent involvement has always mattered. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how much their involvement ensured students are learning and that schools can provide families with the supports they need.

The pandemic has raised awareness of many inequities in society. The district and schools have worked hard to ensure that students receive meals, devices, and connectivity to learn on and off-campus. Staff members have also provided families training on using district-issued devices and how to navigate online tools and resources.

The only way to prevent COVID-19 from deepening inequality is to equip families to support learning at home. More....

Hundreds of PSJA ISD parents take oath during 15th Annual Volunteer Swearing-In Ceremony

PHARR, TX - Over 300 parents in Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD (PSJA ISD) took an oath to be more involved in their children’s education during the 15th Annual Parent Volunteer Swearing-In Ceremony held at the Pharr Events Center.

As part of the annual event, Hidalgo County Justice of the Peace Bobby Contreras conducted the oath and swearing in for all PSJA parent volunteers who serve at the schools and at the Parent Community/Education Centers through the PSJA ISD Parental Engagement Department.

According to PSJA Parental Engagement Director Norma Garza, the event helps validate and acknowledge the tremendous work and dedication of PSJA parents.

“This pledge helps parents commit to the education of their children and be involved in their community,” said Garza. “This is a huge ceremony for them because they get to see the importance of their actions.”

In addition to volunteering more than 25 hours a week on average, PSJA ISD parents can also continue their education through numerous free classes offered by the PSJA Parental Engagement Program.

Rosa Sartuche, one of the hundreds of parents who attended the special ceremony, felt grateful for the opportunity to take the oath in front of her peers.

“It is important for our kids to know that we are involved in their schools and their education,” said the parent who volunteers at PSJA T. Jefferson T-STEM Early College High School and is taking ESL and GED classes through the program....More

Danbury, Bethel moms win state award for child, family advocacy

By Julia Perkins, New Times,  November 22, 2019

DANBURY, CT - Two local mothers who have advocated for children and families were honored Thursday for their efforts.

Sally Ajello, of Bethel, and Elizabeth Quinonez, of Danbury, were among 11 people in the state who received the Parental Involvement Recognition Award on Thursday.

Quinonez has worked with Danbury’s Spanish-speaking immigrant population through United Way of Western Connecticut’s early childhood partnership.

Education Secretary Cardona National Parental Involvement Day

She has conducted workshops that focus on the value of parents as a child's first teacher and leads efforts to reduce poverty within the Spanish-speaking community, said Katherine Tucker, of Families Network of Western Connecticut, who nominated Quinonez.

The parents accepted the awards from the State Education Resource Center at a ceremony at the state Capitol held on National Parental Involvement Day.

Connecticut school leaders, program coordinators and others were invited to nominate parents and guardians who have supported local education, advocated for equity for parents and children, and made a difference in their children’s school or community....More

LETTER — Parents, stay involved in your kid’s education


By Dr. LaWanda Finney, Ed.D.,

Coordinator of Title I Parent Engagement Initiative

Port Arthur Independent School District.

Port Authur News

Dear Editor,


Nov. 21 was recognized as National Parental Involvement Day. As stated at, “This day provides a yearly opportunity for schools and families to honor and highlight the powerful contributions parents and caregivers provide at school and home to support student success. However, parental involvement shouldn’t be confined to just one day — it should be emphasized all year long. Getting involved in your child’s education has been shown to dramatically increase the chances of academic success.”

The research is overwhelming that shows the correlation between parent involvement/engagement and student success. I think Dr. Mark Porterie, Superintendent of Port Arthur ISD, states it best.

After he read an article that shared this research as if it were new, he shared globally with the PAISD staff, “As I was reading the article (he shared the article), I thought to myself, REALLY!!! It is amazing that there are people out there that are just realizing the correlation between parental involvement and student success in schools.” Dr. Porterie is so on point! ....More

State Capitol ceremony honors Connecticut parent leaders, including those from Cromwell, Middletown

MIDDLETOWN CT NOV. 15, 2018 — Nine Connecticut citizens, including two locals, earned Parental Involvement Recognition Awards at the state Capitol this week to honor their contributions to their schools and communities.

The Middletown-based State Education Resource Center on Roscommon Drive sponsors the Connecticut awards in collaboration with the Connecticut Commission on Women, Children and Seniors, according to a press release. The event is held on National Parental Involvement Day, launched by St. Louis-based Project Appleseed.

The 2018 winners include Stewart Semeraro of Cromwell, who is involved with the Montessori Magnet School in Hartford; and Camille Smith of Middletown, an advocate for her child’s school, according to the release.

School leaders, program coordinators and others from across Connecticut were invited to nominate parents and guardians who have shown active involvement and ability to make a difference in their children’s school or community; support of their local school and contributions to high-quality education for all children; and dedication and advocacy to ensure equity for all parents and their children, the release said.

Smith was nominated by Donna Marino, community partnership coordinator at the Middletown School System. “I have known Camille for the past nine years in many roles, including the time she has given to graduate from every parent leadership course offered in Middletown, which includes: People Empowering People, Parent Leadership Training Institute, Parents Supporting Educational Excellence and Voices for Families,” she said in a prepared statement.  More....


San Diego Celebrates National Parental Involvement Day

The San Diego Unified Council of PTAs and San Diego Unified School District are partnering once again to celebrate National Parent/Family Involvement Day at all district schools on Thursday, Nov. 17. The Board of Education will recognize this partnership with a Resolution at the Nov. 8 Board of Education.

National Parent Involvement Day allows us to highlight how important parents, families guardians and community are to the education of our children and to say “Thank you” for their contributions. Principals/school sites and PTAs are encouraged to work together on hosting an event for parents. 


National Parental Involvement Day in Dallas shows parents’ impact in education

National Parental Involvement Day

This Thursday, marks the 20th annual National Parental Involvement Day, established by Project Appleseed to recognize the extraordinary impact that public school parents have made in shaping America.


Dallas ISD “highlights the powerful contributions of parents, guardians and other caregivers of our students throughout the year in a variety of ways, including our parent recognition in May, which is usually attended by hundreds of parents,” said Mari-Carmen Eroles, Manager of the Office of Family and Community Engagement. “We know that parents get involved in their children’s education in a variety of ways, and we encourage them to participate in ways that are meaningful and appropriate to their families.”

Getting involved in your child’s education has been shown to dramatically increase the chances of academic success. This annual day of recognition serves as not only a celebration of currently involved parents, but also a reminder to seek out ways to make a difference. Check with your student’s teacher or the office in their school to see how you can help.


Students also need to know that learning doesn’t only happen in a classroom. Helping them seek out opportunities to experience new places, people and ideas, whether that’s going to a museum or spending time talking to a community leader. Finding a passion and a mentor can open a child’s world.


Noted Eroles, “Not all parents have the flexibility to volunteer at school, but they have time to motivate their children and have conversations about their learning that support academic success.”


Be sure to visit the Dallas ISD Parents Facebook page on Nov. 19, to see the messages of encouragement.


A Thank You Letter to Georgia Families

Thank You Letter to Georgia’s Families By Richard Woods State School Superintendent November 2016. The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) works to serve students, families, and local school districts to provide high-quality programs that improve teaching and learning across the state. All GaDOE-sponsored programs share a common goal of offering Georgia’s students an education that affords them the opportunity to move on to college, the military, or directly into a meaningful career.

Research on family engagement suggests that when schools, families, and communities support each other, students of all backgrounds and ability levels achieve at the highest levels. The message to all of us in the research is clear: educational programs are more effective when parents are actively engaged in them. Engaged parents and family members give students the support they need to be successful.


The importance of parental support is highlighted during the month of November as Georgia celebrates Family Engagement Month. Schools across the state plan special events to honor the crucial role that parents play in students’ education. In addition, November 17 is National Parent Involvement Day, a time for all parents to reflect on ways they can get more involved in the education of their children. Also on November 17, I invite you to follow the Parent Engagement Program on Facebook (GaDOEParentEngagement) to view and “like” the video campaign schools and districts submitted for the Family Engagement Month video contest.

To support you with best practices in November and year-round, the Georgia Department of Education has an array of materials for Title I schools and parents. You can download brochures, school transitional materials, and other resources on the Information for Parents webpage at On behalf of our schools and school systems, I want to personally thank all the parents and families who have taken on the significant role of engaging in their children’s education. The importance of your support is immeasurable; schools simply cannot succeed without you.

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