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High impact family engagement isn’t just about which evidenced based practices to employ. It’s also about creating an energy and excitement about parenting. Schools must promote parenting with an enthusiasm that inspires the entire community to support every student. Get the Parental Involvement Toolbox today!

The Parental Involvement Toolbox

The Parental Involvement Toolbox is a family engagement program designed for schools that want to mobilize family engagement to improve student outcomes. Each Toolbox Parental Involvement Pledge and Parental Involvement Report Card are branded with each school's logo's for distribution to every student and family.  Schools organize parent responsibility with an effective model that is research-based, meets district, state and Title I ESSA mandates. 

How much economic value does the Toolbox add to your schools? Some 43% of K-12 parents volunteer at school according to U.S. Department of Education data. The Independent Sector says that the latest value of a volunteer hour is $25.43. Each parent who takes the Parental Involvement Pledge is generating $254.00 in volunteer impact. Imagine if 43% of the families in your community volunteered in your schools by taking the Pledge! The value far exceeds the cost a $400.00 One-Year Parental Involvement Toolbox! 

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1. Parental Involvement Pledge & Parental Involvement Report Card. 

2. Events and Activities: National Parental Involvement Day & Public School Volunteer Week.

3. The Red Carpet Treatment - Welcome Atmosphere Walk-Through

4. Six Slices of Parental Involvement Planning Guides and Resources.

1. Parental Involvement Pledge & Report Card Engagement Tools

U.S. Department of Education research says that about 8 out of 10 principals in high-poverty Title I schools rated compacts like the Parental Involvement Pledge as helpful, as did a majority of principals in low-poverty schools.