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Our Toolbox can help you get more families!

The Parental Involvement Toolbox is a family engagement program designed for schools that want to mobilize family engagement to improve student outcomes. Each Toolbox Parental Involvement Pledge and Parental Involvement Report Card are branded with each school's logo's for distribution to every student and family.  Schools organize parent responsibility with an effective model that is research-based, meets district, state and Title I ESSA mandates. 

How much economic value does the Toolbox add to your schools?


Some 43% of K-12 parents volunteer at school according to U.S. Department of Education data. The Independent Sector says that the latest value of a volunteer hour is $25.43. Each parent who takes the Parental Involvement Pledge is generating $254.00 in volunteer impact. Imagine if 43% of the families in your community volunteered in your schools by taking the Pledge! The value far exceeds the cost a $400.00 One-Year Parental Involvement Toolbox! 

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1. Parental Involvement Pledge & Parental Involvement Report Card. 

2. Events and Activities: National Parental Involvement Day & Public School Volunteer Week.

3. The Red Carpet Treatment - Welcome Atmosphere Walk-Through

4. Six Slices of Parental Involvement Planning Guides and Resources.

1. Parental Involvement Pledge & Report Card Engagement Tools

U.S. Department of Education research says that about 8 out of 10 principals in high-poverty Title I schools rated compacts like the Parental Involvement Pledge as helpful, as did a majority of principals in low-poverty schools.

  • Across all schools, about 30 percent of the principals considered compacts “very helpful”.

  • Principals perceived compacts as having the greatest impact on homework completion, school climate, student discipline, and reading at home—factors that are amenable to intervention by school-family partnership activities.

Project Appleseed engages parent involvement in schools. During the past two decades, Project Appleseed has provided families and schools throughout the country with two widely celebrated events – National Parental Involvement Day and Public School Volunteer Week. These are the celebrations in which schools recruit, engage, count and recognize the services of America’s dedicated school volunteers. We celebrate those who have offered their time, encouragement, and meaningful contact with students.

Title I ESSA Project Appleseed

3. The Red Carpet Treatment - Welcome All Families!

Our Red Carpet Treatment tool is our family friendly walk through process. It is a tool to provide schools with the opportunity to meet as a team in order to identify ways in which the school can create a more welcoming environment for families. Parents, including parents of children with disabilities, community members, school board members, educators, and administrators are asked to consider looking at the school through the lenses of all of the families who attend that school. Our guide has five different sections that focus on different aspects of engaging parents and families:

  • ESSA Title I Family Engagement

  • Physical Environment

  • School-wide Practices & Policies

  • Welcoming School Staff

  • Communication

4. Planning Guides and Resources

CDC Parents for Healthy Schools Framework. Our partner at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) joined with Project Appleseed to release resources on parent engagement. There are three aspects of the parent engagement framework in the Parental Involvement Toolbox:

  1. Connecting with parents thru the Parental Involvement Pledge learning compact.

  2. Engaging parents in school health activities.

  3. Sustaining parent engagement in school health.

Our program will also equip staff to better respond to family engagement issues related to COVID-19. 

GUIDE: CDC’s Parent Engagement: Strategies for Involving Parents in School Health (pdf 2 MB) defines and describes engagement between parents and school staff and identifies specific strategies for all three aspects of parent engagement in schools: connect, engage, and sustain.

GUIDE: CDC’s Promoting Parent Engagement in School Health: A Facilitator’s Guide for Staff Development (pdf 3 MB) helps schools and school groups develop a plan for engaging parents in school health activities. Both of these resources provide the evidence-based framework for Parents for Healthy Schools.

GUIDE: Title I Parental Involvement from SEDL - 33 Tools

  • Policy, Planning, and Building Capacity

  • Communication, Notification, Reporting, and Information

  • Sharing

  • Parent Rights and Options

  • Meaningful Involvement and Decision Making

  • Fund Allocation

POWERPOINT: Encouraging Parental Involvement

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Utilize the Toolbox when you need it! Parental Involvement Toolbox Annual Reproduction Rights are available for lifetime use and 12 month increments for each school. Master copies of all documents are sent to you by email in Adobe pdf format ready for unlimited duplication and distribution. Allow one week for email delivery. Place your order anytime of the year!

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Project Appleseed, family engagement, parental involvement public schools

"A 10% increase in parental participation (a form of social capital) would increase academic achievement far more than a 10% increase in school spending."

Project Appleseed, family engagement, parental involvement public schools

This is not an argument against school budget increases, but an argument for paying attention to social capital (Putnam, Sanders 2001). Research repeatedly correlates family engagement with student achievement, yet this strategy is rarely activated as an integral part of school reform efforts (Weiss et al, 2010).  Our program can increase family engagement in your school community!

Project Appleseed's Parental Involvement Toolbox is ourl program designed for educators and parent leaders to supersize and mobilize family engagement.

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