Four great family engagement tools!

The Parental Involvement Toolbox

The Parental Involvement Pledge is the primary tool in the Parental Involvement Toolbox. Our model Title I learning compact builds relationships between schools and families. United States Department of Education research finds that compacts like the Parental Involvement Pledge have the greatest impact on homework completion, school climate, student discipline, and reading at home. 

School and district leaders can start your outreach effort by ordering your school’s own Parental Involvement Pledge. The Pledge will help build trusting relationships between staff and all families. Project Appleseed shows schools how to welcome families so that all families feel welcome at school and at all events and engagement opportunities such as National Parental Involvement Day or Public School Volunteer Week.


The Parental Involvement Toolbox is a family engagement program designed for schools that want to mobilize family engagement to improve student outcomes. If desired, Project Appleseed also offers staff professional development thru the Traveling Workshop on Family Engagement and Parental Involvement Toolbox Training to help you successfully implement our program. All staff should be welcoming, accessible, and available to minimize barriers to family participation. 

Lifetime or Annual Toolbox Reproduction Rights

Utilize the Toolbox when you need it. Parental Involvement Toolbox Annual Reproduction Rights are available for Lifetime use and 12 month increments for each school. Master copies of all documents are sent to you by email in Adobe pdf format ready for unlimited duplication and distribution. Allow one week for email delivery. Place your order anytime of the year. The Toolbox contains  these valuable tools to help you reach all families in your community:

1.   Parental Involvement Pledge & Report Card Engagement Tools


Take the Pledge

Each Toolbox comes branded with your school's logo on the Parental Involvement Pledge and Parental Involvement Report Card for distribution to every student and family.  Schools organize parent responsibility with an effective model that is research-based, meets district, state and Title I ESSA mandates. 

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Report Card