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Project Appleseed Sponsorship

Cause Related Marketing Partnership   

Successful partnerships with businesses, foundations, and organizations are fundamental to providing support to families who seek to improve schools for all children. Engaging families contributes to a brighter future, better schools, and a stronger community for all.  Through the Parental Involvement Pledge, National Parental Involvement Day and Public School Volunteer Week - we provide sponsors with the oppotunity to reach parents, grandparents and caring adults through their local public schools.

Project Appleseed Cause Related Marketing

Corporate sponsorships create brand awareness, increase brand loyalty, reinforce brand image, drive retail traffic and showcase community responsibility. Project Appleseed offers valuable opportunities for corporate sponsorship. As a National Parental Involvement Day and Public School Volunteer Week sponsor, promotional programs will be developed to build your brand equity. These programs will leverage the Project Appleseed brand to maximize your brand’s exposure nationwide.

Project Appleseed Event Sponsorship

Sponsorships include:

•   Unique sponsorship packages customized to meet client-specific marketing objectives.


•   Exclusivity for major sponsorships within category.


•   The ability to use the Project Appleseed brand name and logo in promotional campaigns.


•   The potential to benefit from editorial coverage in the press.


•   High visibility and brand association with parents and families throughout America.

Project Appleseed seeks to create synergistic alliances with partners and sponsors whose business objectives can be met through a partnership with Project Appleseed. Any partnership should achieve at least one of the following goals or any combination:


•   To increase student achievement for all students.

•   To increase parental involvement by expanding the number of parent volunteers taking the Parental Involvement Pledge.

•   Generate incremental revenue for Project Appleseed locally, nationally or both.

•   Heighten public awareness for Project Appleseed.


•   Target partners where Project Appleseed can build awareness nationwide

•   Target partners whose target audiences includes women between the ages of 25-54, parents, grand parents and caring adults.


Whenever possible, Project Appleseed should work directly with the partner rather than through third party intermediaries. When intermediaries are the original point of contact, Project Appleseed should obtain direct contact with the primary partners at the earliest possible time.


Why Cause Related Marketing with Project Appleseed?


Project Appleseed seeks to work with leading corporations on cause-marketing programs. Together we seek to achieve our partners’ business objectives through a connection with parent’s.


Strong mission: Project Appleseed is a nonprofit resource, advocate and voice for America’s 65 million public school parents.

Partnership philosophy: We forge strategic, long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships that deliver clear value and business benefits under truly tailored partnership programs. 


Strong brand proposition: Project Appleseed’s brand is trusted and recognized by parents and educators and provides a platform for leading companies to engage consumers in an authentic, breakthrough way.


Active digital reach:


•   Each day our website is accessed by a majority of the 100 largest school districts in the United States.


•   We are a top search result in Google & Bing for “parental involvement in public schools”. 


•   Today there are currently over 30,000 active links to our signature events Public School Volunteer Week 

     & National Parental Involvement Day in the Google search engines.


•   Our newsletter Appleseed Today reaches 115,000 school and parent leaders thru email. We have extensive digital reach with 10K average monthly visitors to and 1,500 followers on  our social media platforms. 


Creative marketing assets: Project Appleseed offers branding and communications opportunities across earned media, social media and web/digital platforms.


Knowledge of local markets:  Project Appleseed has an understanding of local knowledge, behaviors and practices, which can help inform and shape multi-market cause programs.

Selected Awards and Recognition: 

  • Top Ten People In American Education, Teacher magazine. 

  • Recipient of Parenting magazine’s Parenting Leader Award. 

  • Named one of “10 Unsung Nonprofits That Should Be Household Words”. 

  • Advised the White House on the parental involvement provisions of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Schools Act. 

  • Recipient of the Focus St. Louis “What’s Right With The Region” Award.

Project Appleseed Cause Related Marketing

Cause Alignment—with brand attributes, consumer targeting and business goals. 


Simplicity—through an understandable donation mechanism, so consumers can clearly understand the impact of their action on our cause mission.


Credible Contribution—to our cause mission, so consumers view the brand donationas a serious investment in the partnership. 


Integrated communications plan—reaching internal and external audiences.


Long term partnership—that delivers mutual benefit for both parties. Measured and optimized over time.

Partners and sponsors support our mission and vision in a variety of ways. The revenue opportunities in a partnership between your organization and Project Appleseed isn’t limited to sponsorship. There’s also:


•   Volunteerism

•   Adopt-A-School

•   Matching gifts 

•   Non-cash gifts

•   Workplace giving 

•   Customer giving 

Project Appleseed Cause Related Marketing

“Although family involvement in education is not an original idea, a systemic and integrated approach to family engagement represents an innovative strategy in education reform. This thinking embodies a dramatic shift in framing family engagement and reorganizing its practice. It taps into an overlooked strategy that can leverage improvements in student learning,” (Weiss et al, 2010)

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