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Our Enduring Family Events:

A Legacy in American Education

Corporate Sponsorship   


Project Appleseed is dedicated to enhancing education by empowering parents and communities to actively engage in the learning journey of their children. Our mission is to strengthen the connection between schools and families, fostering a collaborative environment for the betterment of student achievement.

National Parental Involvement Day & Public School Volunteer Week Dual Presenting Sponsorship. Join us in a groundbreaking initiative spanning the academic year, addressing the critical need for parental involvement in struggling schools. As a dual presenting sponsor, you'll play a pivotal role in the two transformative events.

Our events reach 20,000 public schools with15 million parents each year.

  National Parental Involvement Day  

A $1 Billion Catalyst for Struggling Schools

In a profound demonstration of unity, National Parental Involvement Day is poised to be a $1 billion catalyst for struggling schools. Your presenting sponsorship, valued at $1 billion, fuels engagement across:

  • 12,000 schools

  • 6.6 million students

  • 8.65 million parents


Anticipate a remarkable impact as 3.72 million volunteers contribute 10 hours each, resulting in an impressive 37.2 million volunteer hours. Valued at $30.00 per hour, the cumulative effect is an astounding $1,116,000,000.00 billion in total volunteer time.National Parental Involvement Day is celebrated annually during the third Thursday in November as part of American Education Week.


Public School Volunteer Week

Our Parental Involvement Pledge is the most widely used learning compact in the nation.

A $650 Million Parent Engagement Surge for Struggling Schools


Continuing the momentum, Public School Volunteer Week emerges as a powerful force for positive change. Your presenting sponsorship, valued at $650 million, directs its impact toward:

  • 7,000 schools

  • 3.89 million students

  • 5 million parents (43% volunteer)


Envision the ripple effect of 2.17 million volunteers dedicating 10 hours each, resulting in an impressive 21.7 million volunteer hours. Valued at $30.00 per hour, this represents an outstanding contribution of $651,500,000 million in total volunteer time. Public School Volunteer Week stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of parents to support struggling schools, fostering a community-driven approach to education and ensuring every child's success. It is celebrated annually during the third full week of April. Join us in shaping a brighter future for our students and schools.

Our Leading Sponsor achieves a $1.7 billion educational impact in local schools.

  Sponsor Benefits 

Sponsorship Levels

As a dual presenting sponsor, you'll showcase your commitment to education, community, and the transformative power of parental involvement throughout the school year.

  • Exclusive Dual Presenting Sponsor (Limited to One)


National Parental Involvement Day & Public School Volunteer Week

  • Presenting Sponsor

  • Platinum Sponsor

  • Gold Sponsor

  • Silver Sponsor

  • Bronze Sponsor


Sponsorship Benefits

These opportunities collectively contribute to a comprehensive and mutually beneficial sponsorship experience, aligning the sponsor's goals with the objectives of National Parental Involvement Day and Public School Volunteer Week. As a valued sponsor, you'll enjoy a range of benefits tailored to your level of commitment, including:

Brand Exposure:

  • Logo Placement: Prominent display of sponsor logos on event materials, including promotional posters, brochures, and banners.

  • Signage: Recognition through on-site signage at key event locations, maximizing visibility.

  • Websites: Inclusion of sponsor logos and acknowledgment on the official event websites, ensuring online brand exposure.

  • Social Media: Regular mentions, tags, and gratitude posts across official social media platforms, extending the reach to a wider audience.

  • Promotional Items: Opportunity for sponsors to include their branded promotional items in event swag bags or as giveaways.

Project Appleseed has received several accolades, including being named:

  • One of the Top Ten People in American education by Teacher magazine.

  • Receiving Parenting magazine's Parenting Leader Award, and being named one of "10 Unsung Nonprofits That Should Be Household Words".

  • Project Appleseed has also advised the White House on parental involvement provisions in Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Schools Act and received the Focus St. Louis "What's Right With The Region" award.

Partners and sponsors can support Project Appleseed in a variety of ways, including through volunteerism, adopting a school, matching gifts, non-cash gifts, workplace giving, and customer giving.

To be successful, partnerships with Project Appleseed should be aligned with brand attributes, targeting, and business goals, be easy to understand, make a credible contribution to our cause mission, have an integrated communications plan, and be a long-term partnership with mutual benefits.

PTA National Parental Involvement Day

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