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Project Appleseed engages parent involvement in schools. During the past two decades, Project Appleseed has provided families and schools throughout the country with two widely celebrated events – National Parental Involvement Day and Public School Volunteer Week. These are the celebrations in which schools recruit, engage, count and recognize the services of America’s dedicated school volunteers. We celebrate those who have offered their time, encouragement, and meaningful contact with students.


Over three million family members participate in our celebrations at over 20,000 schools in all 50 states each school year. We estimate that nearly every public school in America has recognized or celebrated these grass roots occasions, at least once, over the last two decades. Each year parents and family members, state departments of education, nonprofits, businesses and thousands of school districts are involved. There are currently over 300,000 links to our signature events Public School Volunteer Week & National Parental Involvement Day in the Google search engine. Save the dates and join us!


Project Appleseed has inspired millions of parents to volunteer in thousands of schools nationwide. We have created signature family engagement days for schools, that produce hundreds of millions in volunteer time each year. Through our national events local parents can engage with their public schools and raise valuable social capital for their school community.


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1. Get Ready. Our national celebrations of family engagement in schools - calls upon parents, grandparents and caring adults to assist teachers and staff with the day-to-day activities involved in providing a balanced education and nutrition for our students. Schools should engage parents, grandparents and caring adults as an important part of a team that strives to ensure that each and every student succeed.
















2. Get Your Team. It's About Teamwork! Working together with employers, employees, parents, mentors, and educators are key to creating a successful day that strengthens the connection between education and home, between parents and their children.

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Public School Volunteer Week

Project Appleseed established this week in 1997 and we invite families to assist school teachers and administrators with everyday activities by volunteering with their children.









National Parental Involvement Day  

Project Appleseed provides a yearly opportunity for schools and families to honor and highlight the powerful contributions parents and caregivers provide at school and home to support student success.

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3. Get Inspired. The most important and most effective way to get the word out about your celebration is to use it in all parts of your school program. Make Project Appleseed's signature event an integral point of reference for all that you do at your school. In this way, all partners will understand how their commitments and their actions contribute to improved student learning and high achievement for all students.


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