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Charity Drive

Parent Partnership!

Uniting Communities: Launching Your Family Engagement Drive

In the heart of Brooksville, a small but vibrant community nestled among rolling hills and lush greenery, stood Brooksville Elementary School. While the school boasted dedicated teachers, eager students, and supportive staff, there was a shared desire among the faculty and administration to further strengthen the bond between the school and its families. Thus, the idea for a community-wide family engagement campaign was born.

The initiative was coined GOTP, or Get Out the Pledge, inspired by Project Appleseed's Family Engagement tools. With the Parent Engagement Pledge at its core, the campaign aimed to connect, engage, and sustain partnerships between the school and its families.

Principal Rodriguez gathered a team of enthusiastic educators, parents, and community members to spearhead the campaign. Together, they pored over the resources provided by Project Appleseed, meticulously planning each step of their outreach efforts.

Their first task was to spread awareness about the Parent Engagement Pledge. They knew that simply distributing the pledge once wouldn't suffice; they needed a sustained effort to ensure widespread participation. Armed with flyers, emails, and social media posts, they launched a multi-pronged marketing campaign.

They leveraged face-to-face interactions at parent-teacher conferences, encouraging parents to sign the pledge as they discussed their child's progress. They organized special events during National Parent Involvement Day and Public School Volunteer Week, providing ample opportunities for families to take the pledge.

Recognizing the power of telecommunications, they sent out text messages and made phone calls to remind families about the pledge drive. They also utilized online platforms, hosting virtual group meetings and forums to engage with parents who couldn't attend in person.

But their efforts didn't stop there. The team embraced grassroots tactics, canvassing neighborhoods and teacher home visits, knocking on doors to personally invite families to participate. They partnered with local media outlets to amplify their message, securing coverage in newspapers and on radio stations.

As the campaign gained momentum, the team focused on sustaining their efforts. They established a database of pledged volunteers, tracking their contributions and recognizing their achievements at school-wide events. They provided ongoing support and training for teachers and staff, equipping them with the skills needed to effectively engage with families.

Year after year, the GOTP campaign became a cornerstone of Brooksville Elementary's culture. The Parent Engagement Pledge wasn't just a piece of paper; it was a symbol of the strong partnership between the school and its families.

Through their unwavering dedication and collaborative spirit, the Brooksville community transformed into a beacon of family engagement, setting an example for schools across the district. And as the school year drew to a close, Principal Rodriguez couldn't help but feel a sense of pride knowing that their efforts had made a lasting impact on the lives of their students and families.

As the sun set over Brooksville Elementary, the future shone bright with the promise of continued collaboration and partnership, ensuring that every child had the support they needed to thrive. And it all began with a simple pledge—a pledge to connect, engage, and sustain.

Volunteering Group

​What are three essential aspects of​ parent engagement? 

Connect, engage and sustain.

Wondering how to kickstart a Family Engagement Campaign?

Schools can initiate the process by distributing the Parent Engagement Pledge and Parent Engagement Report Card to all families, facilitated by Project Appleseed's Family Engagement Toolbox.

1. Parent Engagement Pledge: This essential component encourages parents to become active partners in their child's education, emphasizing a broader role beyond traditional involvement.

2. Parent Engagement Report Card: A self-diagnostic tool aiding parents to evaluate their contributions to their child's educational journey, fostering a deeper understanding of their role.

3. Red Carpet Treatment: Through the Family Engagement Toolbox, schools can implement a welcoming process, ensuring all families, including those with special needs, feel valued and included.

4. Survey Teachers and Staff: Utilize the Faculty and Staff Parent Engagement Pledge Volunteer Request to gauge the school's volunteer needs and align them with the community's potential.

5. Database of Pledged Volunteers: Centralize volunteer management by inputting Pledges into the Parent Engagement Pledge Volunteer Database, streamlining coordination efforts.

6. Contact Pledged Volunteers: Engage with volunteers, providing essential information and clarifying expectations to kickstart a successful collaboration.

7. Establish Volunteering Process: Set clear guidelines and procedures, ensuring volunteers are aligned with school requirements, including orientations and background checks.

8. Support Training: Equip teachers and staff with effective family engagement techniques through Project Appleseed's workshops and online training programs, fostering long-term benefits.

9. Awards and Recognition: Acknowledge volunteer contributions through school-wide events and certificates, incentivizing sustained engagement.

10. Continuous Improvement: Regularly repeat, assess and refine the campaign, striving to embed family engagement as a core aspect of the school's culture.

Start your Family Engagement Campaign today and foster lasting partnerships between schools and families!

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