Our Family Engagement Program


"A 10% increase in parental participation (a form of social capital) would increase academic achievement far more than a 10% increase in school spending."

This is not an argument against school budget increases, but an argument for paying attention to social capital (Putnam, Sanders 2001). Research repeatedly correlates family engagement with student achievement, yet this strategy is rarely activated as an integral part of school reform efforts (Weiss et al, 2010).  Our program can increase family engagement by considering these steps:

Impact Story

Project Appleseed Grows

Parental Involvement


Abington Junior High School started out with 77 parent volunteers in its database; the number grew to 187 the next year. In year three more than 250 volunteers. 

  Volunteer $ Value?

Check your state, regional

& city volunteer data


  • Volunteering and civic engagement rates among among parents.

  • The value of volunteer time for 2017 is $23.56 per hour nationally. What is the average in your state?

School Checklist

Family Enagement

Does your school reach out?

Checklist for Parent Engagement


Use this Checklist which is based on the Six Slices of Parental Involvement - our National Standards -to evaluate and improve parent-school partnerships

Parent Report Card

Distribute Parent Report Card

Self-Diagnostic Report


Parental Involvement Report Card. This is a self diagnostic tool which quizzes parents on their involvement. Use these 31 questions as a guide to discover some of the ways that parents can help their child at home and at school.

Volunteer Pledge

Distribute Learning Compact

Parental Involvement Pledge


AS A PARENT, GRANDPARENT, OR CARING ADULT, I hereby give my pledge of commitment to help our community’s children.... Title I requires learning compacts like the Pledge in high-poverty schools.

Our 150 Days!

150 Days of Family Engagement

Events for Parents & Schools


There are roughly 150 plus days between Project Appleseed's National Parental Involvement Day in November and Public School Volunteer Week in April, each school year. Each day, each week, represents an opportunity to engage parents!

Can You Break Through?


Benefits and barriers to involvement exist for both schools and families. Some barriers are created by limited resources, while others originate from the beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes of families and school staff.

Barriers & Benefits

Logic Model

Model & Supporting Research


Although family involvement in education is not an original idea, a systemic and integrated approach to family engagement represents an innovative strategy in education reform.  It taps into an overlooked strategy that can leverage improvements in student learning.

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