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Laredo United Offers Parenting Tips

TEXAS (KGNS) - In honor of National Parental Involvement Day the Laredo United Independent School District is offering tips to help parents get involved with their child's daily life.


On Thursday, people gathered at Henry Cuellar Elementary to learns tips on how to guide and monitor children while they are in school. The focus of topic was on gangs. Parental involvement liaison Nora Murillo says parents should communicate with their children on a regular basis.


"Are they taking a major test this week, do they have a major project coming up, so they need to know what is going on in a daily basis, get to know the teachers get to know your administrators and be part of the campus", said Murillo.


Murillo says knowing your child's daily schedule will help improve studentachievement and stray them away from trouble.


Parent volunteers gather for appreciation breakfast


SAN BENITO — San Benito school district parent volunteers gathered at the Gateway Academy gymnasium yesterday for an appreciation breakfast hosted by the district in celebration of National Parental Involvement Day.

The appreciation breakfast was held to thank the volunteers for the work they do for the schools throughout the year.
San Benito CISD has 19 parent centers with 250 registered parent volunteers. The volunteers help with laminating, cutting and decorating bulletin boards.

National Parental Involvement Day

In celebration of National Parental Involvement Day volunteers were treated to an Appreciation Breakfast which was held at the Gateway Academy Gymnasium. Maricela Rodriguez/Valley Morning Star


Presenters are also brought in to provide parents with information on subjects such as diabetes, cancer, autism, resources they can use to help their children at home and college resources to empower them to assist their children in seeking higher education. Valley Star.

Georgia Names "Kid Superintendent"

#National Parental Involvement Day


A message from Richard Woods, Georgia's School Superintendent... November is Parent Engagement Month in Georgia, and districts and schools across the state will be highlighting the role parents play in their children’s education. In addition, November 19th is National Parent Involvement Day, a time for all schools and parents to reflect on the vital partnership needed between them for Georgia’s students and schools to be successful.

This year, the Georgia Department of Education is looking for parents who are willing to share innovative ways they are playing a role to support student achievement across the state.  To explain this year’s Parent Engagement Month festivities, I have a special message from Georgia’s “Kid Superintendent.”  Please click on the link below to hear how your parents can participate in Parent Engagement Month with us. More...



In honor of National Parental Involvement Day, Thursday, November 19, 2015, the State Education Resource Center (SERC) and the CT Parent Information and Resource Center (CT PIRC), in collaboration with the CT Commission on Children, cordially invite you to nominate a parent from your local school and/or community organization for a Parental Involvement Recognition Award. These awards highlight and honor exemplars of parental involvement in schools and community organizations. Award recipients were selected based on their merits in each of the following:


  • Dedication and advocacy to ensure equity for all parents and their children.

  • Evidence of their ability to make a difference in their local school and/or community; and

  • Support of their local school and contributions to high-quality education for all children;

  • Active involvement in their child’s/children’s school and/or community;

State Education Resource Center & Parent Information and Resource Center - 2015 Parental Involvement Recognition Award


Anoka-Hennepin recognizes parent involvement

National Parental Involvement Day

The Anoka-Hennepin School District celebrated National Parent Involvement Day Nov. 19.


“Over 30 years of research indicates that when parents and other caring adults are strategically involved in children’s learning at school and at home, student achievement significantly improves and schools are more effective,” School Board Chairperson Tom Heidemann said. “I would like to thank all who make a difference in the life of a child.”


Parents peruse literature during a parent involvement dinner at Anoka Middle School for the Arts in October. 

The district marked the day with coffee and treats in the Educational Service Center, and individual schools celebrate parents in their own unique ways all year long.


Anoka Middle School for the Arts hosted a parent involvement dinner in October, inviting parents to enjoy a chili dinner and explore topics pertaining to social media and growth mindset.


Parents learned steps they can take to help keep kids safe online and why struggling isn’t always a bad thing.


Growth mindset encourages struggling kids to recognize that just because they are not grasping something in the moment does not mean they will never grasp it, Principal Jerri McGonigal said.

“Everybody’s going to reach a point that it’s going to get hard, and they need to have the skills to say ‘I can keep struggling with this,’” McGonigal said.


Parents help make up a volunteer force that is thousands strong in Anoka-Hennepin.


Last school year, 9,399 volunteers put in 162,000 hours of time with a symbolic value of $3.6 million to the school district, according to Linda Rogers, parent involvement coordinator.


The district has over 100 parent-teacher organizations and booster clubs serving kids, Rogers said.


At the primary level, parents often step into the classroom to volunteer for a number of projects. At the secondary level, volunteering most often takes place outside the school day, though a volunteer ambassador program was launched across middle schools this school year, inviting parents and other community members to make the school climate safer during lunch with enhanced supervision in the hallways.


Volunteer ambassadors are asked to serve as “a cross between a Wal-Mart greeter and a speed bump,” reminding students what good behavior looks like with a smile and warm words.


“We have great parent involvement, and we’ve really seen an evolution as the economy has gotten better,” said Coon Rapids Middle School Principal Tom Shaw.


Years ago, many parents stopped by the school to help for a half day or more, but with more people back to work, parents tend to come in for shorter shifts these days, Shaw said.


Recently, they have dropped by CRMS to help out with a bird-watching unit in science classrooms, assist with woodshop projects in technology education classes, work with students on sewing in family and consumer science courses, help build sets for “The Sound of Music” and more.

With the evolution of communication, the growing popularity of email and social media, parent involvement at home has changed, too, Shaw said. Now parents can communicate with their children’s teachers no matter what their schedules look like.


Parent involvement in “everyday life together” is critical, Rogers said.

“With an eye to the future, (parents) encourage children to dream and work to achieve their dreams,” Rogers said. “On National Parent Involvement Day, we salute all that families do to help their children grow and learn.”
By Olivia Alveshere, ABC Newspapers,

National Parental Involvement Day


San Diego Unified School District and The San Diego Council of PTAs are partnering once again to celebrate National Parent Involvement Day at all district schools on November 19. National Parent Involvement Day allows us to highlight how important parents, guardians and community are to the education of our children and to say “Thank you” for their contributions. Principals/school sites and PTAs are encouraged to work together on hosting an event for parents. National Parent Involvement Day Planning Guide.



Governor’s Proclamation: Thanks to AllParentsOnDeck, LLC., Madison & Verona schools in the State of Wisconsin will in join many others statewide nationwide that recognize the 3rd Thursday of November, as National Parental Involvement Day. Governor Walker issued his fourth proclamation recognizing the day. Schools, teachers, parents and staff will create events that express gratitude to their parents and volunteers. The commitment of parents and community volunteers is vital to the successes of our schools; and is worthy of great mention not only on the 3rd Thursday of November, but throughout the school year.

#National Parental Involvement Day

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 


Happy National Education Week and Parental Involvement Day!

As you celebrate our nation’s public schools and the value of parental involvement, we encourage you to remember the important role of schools in promoting health and preventing disease. Although we know you are acutely aware of the connections between health and education—and are working hard to improve both in your local areas—we need you to help us spread the word among other education professionals, public health partners and parents!

National Education Week - Follow @DrZazaCDC on Twitter

We are officially launching DASH's Twitter account this week and would greatly appreciate your help in promoting the account to your Twitter followers. After you follow the DASH account, please retweet some of our content that’s relevant to your followers and consider tweeting one or all of the following messages:


Follow @DrZazaCDC to learn about @CDCgov’s work promoting the health of US teen through schools. 

Looking for information on #ParentEngagement, #SchoolConnectedness or #SchoolHealth?

Follow @DrZazaCDC for trusted resources on adolescent health promotion & disease prevention. 


National Parental Involvement Day - Share “Talking with Your Teen about Sex: Going Beyond ‘the Talk.” This fact sheet is the latest in DASH’s Positive Parenting Practices series; it discusses the importance of parents talking openly and honestly with their teens about sex. Research shows that open communication with parents can influence a teen’s decisions about sex. The fact sheet outlines topics for parents to discuss as well as provides practical tips for making this conversation meaningful and one they can continue having with their teen. If you want to tweet about the fact sheet, here are a few messages:


New CDC fact sheet shares tips & resources for talking with your teen about sex. Start the conversation today! 

• “Talking w/ Your Teen about Sex: Going Beyond ‘the Talk’” via @DrZazaCDC a useful tool for parents. 

Planning to talk with your teen about sex? Read @CDCgov’s new fact sheet for practical tips & helpful resources. 


"Thanks in advance for partnering with us to help spread the word about the importance of health in schools and the impact of positive parenting. Your work is vital to CDC’s mission of health promotion and disease prevention.'


"Keep up the great work!"


Stephanie Zaza, MD, MPH

Director, DASH

(Division of Adolescent and School Health)

National Center for HIV/AIDS,

Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


#National Parental Involvement Day

Connecticut Issues Parental Involvement Recognition Award

HARTFORD, CT- In honor of National Parental Involvement Day the Connecticut State Education Resource Center (SERC) and the CT Parent Information and Resource Center (CT PIRC), in collaboration with the CT Commission on Children, held the Parental Involvement Recognition Award. These awards highlight and honor exemplars of parental involvement in schools and community organizations. More...

#National Parental Involvement Day

Arkansas Department of Education 

Supports National Parental Involvement Day!

National Parental Involvement Day

The Arkansas Department of Education encourages parents, teachers, administrators and businesses to support National Parental Involvement Day Nov. 20. Research shows that a child’s academic progress greatly improves when parents or guardians are involved in their child’s education.


In support of National Parental Involvement Day, the Arkansas State Board of Education passed a resolution encouraging and supporting positive and productive communication between families and educators. Pictures of the resolution are available here.

To encourage ongoing communication between parents and teachers, the Arkansas Department of Education partnered with the State Board of Education and other educational advocacy groups to

launch the My Child/My Student public awareness campaign in September.


As part of the campaign, ADE has posted many communication tools and resources on its webpage and social media sites. Resources include tips parents can use to discuss their child’s educational progress and goals, as well as questions and resources teachers can use when talking with parents.


A list of monthly topics is posted on the site, as well as links to newsletters and social media tools.


Three videos about the initiative also have been posted, and information for teachers and parents is available in both English and Spanish. To learn more about the My Child/My Student campaign, go to

Ohio, Wisconsin, Gov's Declare National Parental Involvement Day!

National Parental Involvement Day
#National Parental Involvement Day

Thank you Sharon Billings and ALL PARENTS ON DECK for making this the second year for Ohio and Wisconsin: Governor Kasich and Declares National Parental Involvement Day In the State of Ohio. Governor Walker Declares National Parental Involvement Day In the State of Wisconsin!

Houston Schools Celebrate for the 4th Year!





National Parent Involvement Day provides a yearly opportunity for schools and families to honor and highlight the powerful contributions parents and caregivers provide at school and home to support student success. However, parental involvement shouldn’t be confined to just one day – it should be emphasized all year long. Volunteer at your school. Your school needs your help. Apply to be a volunteer here. Think about how you can link your volunteer activities to learning. If you paint a classroom, incorporate a map of Texas, or the names of the U.S. Presidents. If you plant trees, ask if you can read to your child’s class about the life cycle of a tree. More....



San Diego Celebrates Parents Across the City


SAN DIEGO, CA - The San Diego Unified School District and San Diego Unified Council of PTAs invited schools to celebrate National Parent Involvement Day. The goal was to reinforce awareness of the invaluable role that parents and caregivers play in supporting student learning and public education, and honor their contributions to student success.  Details....

#National Parental Involvement Day
#National Parental Involvement Day


Bye-bye Digital Divide?


Appleseed Focused On

Improving Internet Access

for Struggling Families


By Karla Scoon Reid


National Parental Involvement Day, on Nov. 21, 2013, highlighted a new partnership that aims to provide low-income families with free or discounted Internet access, computers, and training to enable parents to communicate more effectively with their children's teachers and schools.


Project Appleseed, the St. Louis-based nonprofit and founder of National Parental Involvement Day, has joined forces with Connect2Compete, a partnership of IT companies and nonprofits that connect low-income Americans to the Internet. Connect2Compete is a nonprofit organization supported by Comcast, Cox, Freedom Pop, Arrow Electronics and CDI Computer Dealers. It receives financial support from the Knight Foundation, Carlos Slim Foundation, the Wasserman Foundation, Citi, and Microsoft. Read more about Connect2Compete in Education Week here. Click image or click here for free or discounted Internet access.

parent involvement

National Parental Involvement Day 2011 Kick-Off with Tenn. First Lady Crissy Haslam

State Leaders Show Three Years of Bipartisan Support


NASHVILLE – In the federal government’s $5 billion Race to the Top (RTTT) competition, applicants are judged on their ability to reach out to parents, community members, and others in their plans. Sixty days before successfully applying for over $501 million in the 2010 Race to the Top competition, former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen used Project Appleseed's National Parental Involvement Day, to begin a three year bi-partisan effort to systemically improve the state’s parent engagement. Tennessee's schools are now using all of the engagement tools advocated by Project Appleseed - the Six Types of Parental Involvement, parent pledges,parental involvement report cards and our signature national celebrationsNational Parental Involvement Day and Public School Volunteer Week.


“As we ask and expect more from our students, we must also ask and expect more from our parents and guardians,” said Education Commissioner Bruce Opie. “Active parent participation informs and influences policies, practices, and programs that support expanded learning opportunities. Tennessee can only successfully rise to the top with the help of our parents.”


"For three consecutive years Tennessee's Governors employed Project Appleseed’s National Parental Involvement Day and Public School Volunteer Week as a time when the state made a major push to recognize the role parents play in school improvement. They have embraced the celebrations and tools that make up Project Appleseed’s Parental Involvement Toolbox. I have no doubt parental involvement will become more effective, measurable and meaningful in Tennessee," said Project Appleseed president Kevin Walker.









Three Year Chronology

National Parental Involvement Day 2009 - Governor urges celebrations statewide honors parents

In 2009, former Governor Phil Bredesen (D) asks all schools to advertise National Parental Involvement Day throughout their communities. He urges schools to combine school programs honoring parents with potential training activities such as: information about new rigorous standards and assessments under the Tennessee Diploma Project, interpreting test scores, parenting skills and tips on helping children with homework. For high school parents, conduct a Career Day and ask parents with a variety of occupations to speak to students.


National Parental Involvement Day 2010 - Six Types of Parental Involvement become state standards

November 18, 2010 marked the 17th annual National Parental Involvement Day. In recognition, the Tennessee Department of Education began promoting new Parental Involvement Standards and more frequent participation from parents both at home and in the classroom. The adaptation of the Six Types of Parental Involvement - national standards shared by the National PTA and Project Appleseed - was advocated by the Tennessee PTA.


National Parental Involvement Day 2011- New Governor & First Lady Announce Support

Project Appleseed's National Parental Involvement Day 2011 began with a video from First Lady Crissy Haslam promoting the full participation of parents and families. Governor Bill Haslam (R) and First Lady Crissy Haslam, continue the bipartisan tradition, first begun by former Governor Phil Bredesen, to promote National Parental Involvement Day.


Public School Volunteer Week 2012 - Parent Involvement Contract Legislation Signed by Governor

Months later, in April of 2012, during Public School Volunteer Week, Governor Haslam signs legislation that requires parents to sign parental involvement contracts like Project Appleseed’s Parental Involvement Pledge. The legislation encourages school districts to develop parental involvement contracts with students’ parents. Under the legislation, parents agree to, at a minimum to review their student’s homework and offer assistance when needed, sign report cards, ensure that their student is not truant, attend school functions, and make every effort to attend parent-teacher conferences.


Public School Volunteer Week 2012 - Parent Involvement Report Card Legislation Signed by Governor

Also during Public School Volunteer Week, Governor Haslam signs legislation that requires parents to take parental involvement report cards like the one advocated in Project Appleseed’s toolbox. Each parent whose child is in the pilot project will self-evaluate the parent’s involvement in the child’s education and assign to himself or herself a grade of excellent, satisfactory, needs improvement or unsatisfactory based on several categories.


"Parental involvement shows a student that his or her parent cares,” saidJulie McCargar, Executive Director of Federal Programs. “It takes all of us to build an environment that fosters learning and success for every child.”


Click here for more information on our Capacity Building Partnership, Project Appleseed's approach to bring systemic parent engagement to scale - multi-district, regional, statewide and multi-state organizing.

parent involvement

Project Appleseed's National Parental Involvement Day, Savannah, Georgia

parent involvement

National Parental Involvement Day 2012 CDC,

Project Appleseed Team Up for School Health


The Centers for Disease Control and Project Appleseed have joined together in releasing resources for parent engagement in school health. The release is in conjunction with National Parental Involvement Day, November 15, 2012. The publication, Parent Engagement: Strategies for Involving Parents in School Health, is a comprehensive guide that will be provided as a free tool in Project Appleseed’s Parental Involvement Toolbox. The Toolbox and its Parental Involvement Pledge compacts, for both school improvement and school health, is the point of enrollment schools take to increase parent engagement communitywide. The Toolbox contains a research-based program that is systemic, integratable and sustainable.


Prior to National Parental Involvement Day, the CDC hosted a webinar to discuss how parent engagement in school health positively influences the health of children and adolescents. The webinar featured Dr. Joyce Epstein, Director of the Center on School, Family, and Community Partnerships and National Network of Partnership Schools at Johns Hopkins University. She provided an overview of high quality programs for school, family, and community partnerships.


Leading up to National Parental Involvement Day, Project Appleseed joined the CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH) in rolling out several key resources for parent engagement in school health. 


The web release included:

  • Parent Engagement: Strategies for Involving Parents in School Health

  • Overview brochure for parent engagement in school health

  • Fact sheets on promoting parent engagement in school health for —District and school administratorsTeachers and other school staff

  • Parents PowerPoint® slides for promoting parent engagement in school health

  • Facilitator’s guide for staff development on promoting parent engagement in school health

Texas: Houston Independent Public Schools joined thousands of schools nationwide and recognized the role parents and grandparents play in the education of the district's nearly 200,000 students at the annual HISD Parent Involvement Day in conjunction with Project Appleseed's 17th Annual National Parental Involvement Day 2011.


NBC & Project Appleseed











NBC is highlighting Project Appleseed as a national resource for schools on the "School Pride" education page.


Meet a Deadline with Project Appleseed


Find out how you can help Project Appleseed, a place where they understand that it takes a village to help our schools excel.


When parents are involved in children's learning, at school and at home, schools work better and students learn more. Project Appleseed engages parent involvement in schools. Project Appleseed is working with schools, families, employers and community organizations to develop local partnerships that support a safe school environment where students learn to challenging standards. To get the best results from your parental involvement efforts, we want you and your schools to join our movement to plant the seeds of school improvement in your local schools with National Parental Involvement Day and Public School Volunteer Week!

parent involvement









Community progress starts with parents


April 16, 2010, Dallas, TX. - This week provides the chance for parents in the southern half of the city – as well as the rest of Dallas – to get involved with their child's learning. Project Appleseed's Public School Volunteer Week starts tomorrow, with an emphasis on parents taking a pledge to get – and stay – involved with their child's education. We hope this week sparks a conversation at DISD headquarters about how the district can create its own pledge for parents to sign so they will remain committed to their child's academic progress. More...

parent involvement


Parent Resources Readily Available Statewide


Community based resource centers offer education, training, and support to families.


TALLAHASSEE – As Florida continues its recognition of Parental Involvement Month throughout November, including tomorrow’s celebration of National Parent Involvement Day, the Florida Department of Education (DOE) is reminding parents that a valuable tool is available to help them support their children’s academic success. Developed in partnership with DOE, Florida School Choice Parent Resource Centers (PRCs) are community-based organizations that provide parents with the opportunity to become meaningfully involved in the education and development of their children.“Florida is playing an important role in setting a new standard for school choice options in the United States,” said Education Commissioner Dr. Eric J. Smith. “I encourage parents to take advantage of our Parent Resource Centers so they can receive the best information possible about options that can truly benefit their children for years to come.”

parent involvement

CBS News / Calling All Parents


NASHVILLE (AP/CBS NEWS) November 19, 2010 - Tennessee Education Commissioner Bruce Opie says more needs to be expected from parents and guardians and not just students. He said in a statement that active parents can influence policies, practices and programs that support expanded learning opportunities. Opie released the comment in conjunction with the 17th annual National Parental Involvement Day sponsored by Project Appleseed. He said Tennessee can successfully rise to the top only with the help of parents. Gov. Phil Bredesen said it’s important that parents and educators form strong partnerships that will result in higher student achievement.

A Great Success! Thank you America's parents! National Parental Involvement Day 2010


ALBANY, GA (WALB-NBC) – In a scene that played out in thousands of schools across the nation, the Dougherty County School system thanked several hundred parents for their volunteer work at schools on Project Appleseed's National Parent Involvement Day, November 18, 2010. The school system hosted nearly 300 parents, telling them they appreciate their volunteer efforts.  Project Appleseed engages parent involvement in schools.

National Parental Involvement Day

Oklahoma: Pledge promises school volunteering, reading


MUSKOGEE - Peggy Willard is an old pro when it comes to volunteering at her grandkids’ school, Harris-Jobe Elementary.


“I always try to be hired as a monitor for the testing period they have here in the spring, and I always try to be involved in other functions,” she said.


Willard put that involvement in writing Thursday when she joined her granddaughters at a Thanksgiving luncheon and parental involvement program at Harris-Jobe on Project Appleseed's National Parent Involvement Day. Muskogee public schools used Thanksgiving lunches as a way to encourage more parents, grandparents and others to get involved with their children’s education.


MPS Parent Involvement Coordinator Kathleen Harris said parents attending the lunches were encouraged to sign Project Appleseed's Parent Involvement Pledge. The pledge committed signers to volunteer at least five hours of time at their children’s school and to spend at least 15 minutes each school night reading or working with their children.


Pictured above: Harris-Jobe Elementary fourth-grader Kerrigan Medlock, 9, watches her grandmother, Peggy Willard, sign a Parental Involvement Pledge during a Thanksgiving lunch at her school. Parents, grandparents and other adults throughout Muskogee Public Schools are being encouraged to spend more time with their children’s education.

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