Improve discipline, reading, homework, school climate and more! 

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Project Appleseed Engages Family & Parental Involvement in Public Schools

Here's a sample of schools that have been breaking barriers to family engagement! They have utilized our

Parental Involvement Pledge, Report Card, Toolbox or Workshop to increase family engagement! Join Us! 

  • Uplift Education, Dallas, TX

  • Queens Technical High School, NY

  • Devils Lake School District, ND

  • Hernando County School District, FL

  • Albert Einstein Academy of Ohio

  • Ravenna City School District, OH

  • Friendship ISD, TX

  • Detroit Lakes Public Schools, MI

  • Hawaii State Department of Education

  • Los Angeles Unified School District, CA

  • Duval County Public Schools, FL

  • Miamisburg City Schools, OH

  • Choice Technical Academy, MN

  • Brookvile Children Services, NY

  • Riverview Gardens School District, MO

  • Jefferson County Public Schools, KY

  • Prince Edward County, VA

  • Katy Independent School District, TX

  • Locust Grove Public Schools, OK