What are three essential aspects of​ parent engagement? 

Connect, engage and sustain.

Professional Development

Our in-person and online professional development, is tailored to help your school or district reach every parent, grandparent and caring adult.  Our basic training is the first step in preparing schools and districts to reach out to your entire school community. Project Appleseed's professional development comes in two forms -  our Traveling Workshop or Parental Involvement Toolbox Training. The work of family engagement is demanding. In our professional development, you'll learn how to deploy the Parental Involvement Pledge learning compact to recruit families in learning, volunteering and discipline.

Project Appleseed provides a unique opportunity to bring Kevin Walker (Pictured right) our founder and a national parent leader to your school community.  In 1994 Mr. Walker advised the White House on the creation of the first parental involvement provisions of Title I which are now part of the current Every Student Success Act (ESSA). He is also the creator of both National Parental Involvement Day and Public School Volunteer Week


Project Appleseed’s professional development is an excellent way to teach specific parent engagement objectives to a targeted group - school staff, parents, and school groups, like parent teacher associations with ideas and strategies for working together to create a healthier school. 


Parent engagement in schools is parents and school staff working together to support and improve the learning, development, and health of children and adolescents. Parent engagement in schools is an important, shared responsibility in which schools and other community agencies and organizations are committed to getting parents involved in meaningful ways, and parents are committed to actively supporting their children’s and adolescent’s’ learning and development. 

Our Traveling Workshop is a one-day session and our Parental Involvement Toolbox Training is two hours - both have highly effective transfer skills and knowledge. Project Appleseed’s workshops and online trainings provide a program for schools and communities that focuses on the techniques and skills in family engagement that has long-term benefits. 



Traveling Workshop

One-Day Traveling Workshop: In-person & Online

Research repeatedly correlates family engagement with student achievement, yet this strategy is rarely activated as an integral part of school improvement efforts. Our family engagement training provides strategies that are aligned with student learning and achievement. Schools organize parent responsibility with an effective model that is research-based, meets district, state and Title I ESSA mandates. You will leave the workshop with a multi-year plan and the tools to engage all families.


10 Professional Development Learning Objectives

Following this program, participants will be able to —

  • Identify a model learning compact (Parental Involvement Pledge) and a model self-assessment tool (Parental Involvement Report Card) that can engage all families.

  • Identify strategies and actions schools and districts can implement to increase parent engagement.

  • Identify parent engagement activities in their school that can be enhanced by National Parental Involvement Day and Public School Volunteer Week.

  • Identify the metrics for parent engagement success.

  • Develop an action plan for parent engagement in their school or school district.


Scheduling Options:

  • One Day Session: We can schedule your workshop as a one-day event. Our in-person and on-line Traveling Workshop is normally held between 8:30am and 2:30pm (including lunch and breaks).

  • One Day Session Split in Two: Maybe the flexibility of two day workshop with 2 1/2 hour sessions at times that you choose (including breaks).

  • ​Understand the importance of parent & family engagement.

  • Define parent engagement in schools and understand why it is important.

  • Describe the association between parent engagement in schools and student social, academic, and health outcomes.

  • Identify the essential aspects of parent engagement in schools.

  • Identify resources for assessing and promoting parent engagement in the Parental Involvement Toolbox.


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Project Appleseed's professional development is not a stand alone activity rather than a journey that is intensive, collaborative, job-embedded, data-driven and family focused. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) redefines high-quality professional development for elementary and secondary education. Whether you’re a brand-new or seasoned educator or parent leader, we have the evidence-based knowledge you need to get up to speed, perform at your best, and get the most out of parents.  

Our program and support is included 

  • Complimentary Four-Year Parental Involvement Toolbox for each school or district conducting a Traveling Workshop  - a $700.00 value.

  • Participant guides and resources to build connections between home and school.

  • Our interactive workshops have hands-on applications.

  • Follow-up session available by video conference - no charge.

Traveling Workshop On Family Engagement

Staff Development Program Agenda

Introduction                       30 min

Our Advocacy

National Signature Events

Learning Objectives


Connecting                        60 min

What Is Family Engagement?

Title I Family Engagement

Barriers to Family Engagement

Activity #1. Connect Families