Logic Model &

Supporting Research

Beyond Random Acts:

Family, School, and Community Engagement as an Integral Part of Education Reform


Family, school, and community engagement in education should be an essential strategy in building a pathway to college-­‐ and career-­‐readiness in today’s competitive global society. Research repeatedly correlates family engagement with student achievement, yet this strategy is rarely activated as an integral part of school reform efforts. Now is the time to transform family engagement strategies so that they are intentionally aligned with student learning and achievement. (Weiss et al, 2010)

Project Appleseed

Logic Model

Project Appleseed's logic model provides the basic framework that illustrates our program’s theory of change. It shows how day-to-day activities connect to the outcomes and impacts the program seeks to achieve.

Our Mission

Project Appleseed provides resources for parents who want to be engaged in their children's schools and for schools who seek their involvement.

Our Vision

Project Appleseed is a nonprofit resource, advocate, and voice for families, in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, by means of a quality education in America’s public schools.


Core Values

All students and their families are entitled to opportunities to succeed, regardless of any demographic, disability, geographic, or economic factors.

Beliefs & Assumptions 

Parents are their child’s first and most important teachers. (Megan Northrup 1990) 

When parents are involved in children’s education, children are more successful in school. (Henderson & Mapp 2002) 

When parents are involved in school planning and review, through active participation schools are more effective.



Areas of Focus and Priorities

Navigating the School as a System

Leadership and Advocacy

Targeted Academic Development

Communication Between the Home and the School





  • Funding

  • National and local program staff, volunteers

  • Parents



  • School administrators and teachers

  • Local organizations

  • National organizations



  • Evaluation

  • Program sustainability

Provide technical assistance and training to parent and school leaders

Develop coalitions of local parent involvement programs and organizations


Project Appleseed information to local and national funders and organizations

Build relationships with potential local or national long-term funders

Short-Term Outcomes

Long-Term Outcomes


Increase # of parents in communities who are trained by parent leaders on parent involvement

Increase awareness of and commitment to Project Appleseed and its sustainability

Build or strengthen local collaborations at each site to promote and sustain parent involvement

Establish Project Appleseed sustainability

Increase parent knowledge on how to become involved in their children’s education

Increase awareness of and commitment to Project Appleseed and its sustainability

Increase parents’ levels of involvement in their children’s education – parents work closely with school systems and seek leadership positions