How To Select The Right Tutor For Your Child





You’ve determined that your child needs extra one-on-one attention from a tutor in one or more subjects – but you don’t know how to find or select a tutor selection process: you may not have had to find one before and you may think you lack the experience or knowledge to do so, but it can be done relatively easily. Read the below tips before you get started:


  • Look for teaching experience. Far too many parents focus on how much the tutor knows about the subject matter and not on how much teaching experience the tutor has. A biochemist who works in a local lab may have tons of knowledge, but may not know how to connect with and teach your child.


  • If you child has a learning disability, keep it in mind. You may be seeking a tutor because your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability. If that is the case, it is vital that you seek a tutor who has experience with the disability and who has a solid resume as an educator (such as a retired teacher). Specifically, ask applying tutors how the learning disability would shape their approach to tutoring your child.


  • Choose someone who will also be a role model. A tutor isn’t just a tutor. He or she is a personal who will spend considerable time alone with your child and influencing the way they approach school and life. Picking someone inspiring and motivating – and someone who lives what they teach – above someone with a bit more tutoring experience may have a huge difference.


  • Don’t rule out older students. Many people think that the older person is, the better they will be at tutoring. But in reality, you could find a gem of a teacher in an older high school student, college student or graduate student. If they are serious and mature, an older student may be familiar with the curriculum and may forge a better connection with your child.


  • Consider who will fit well with your child’s personality. The right tutor for your child may not be the same as the right tutor will best motivate them? A shy child may not work well with a loud, extroverted tutor, while a child who often acts out may need a tutor who is great at teaching self-discipline and self-reliance.


  • Do your research. Ask for references and talk to other parents who have used the tutor. If you aren’t sure about your choice, consider asking the tutor to start on a trial basis or to come for paid try-out tutoring session.


Where can you find a tutor? The best resources may be your child’s school and teachers. You may also with to call local colleges to learn about any tutoring programs they offer. Finally, searching online to find a tutor is becoming more and more reliable – just be sure to research rates and investigate any tutoring services before you begin.