Project Appleseed Engages Family & Parental Involvement in Public Schools

Here's a sample of schools that have been breaking barriers to family engagement! They have utilized our

Parental Involvement Pledge, Report Card, Toolbox or Workshop to increase family engagement! Join Us! 

  • Hawaii State Department of Education

  • Los Angeles Unified School District, CA

  • Duval County Public Schools, FL

  • Miamisburg City Schools, OH

  • Choice Technical Academy, MN

  • Brookvile Children Services, NY

  • Riverview Gardens School District, MO

  • Jefferson County Public Schools, KY

  • Prince Edward County, VA

  • Katy Independent School District, TX

  • Locust Grove Public Schools, OK

  • Marlboro County School District, SC

  • Hoopeston Independent School District, IL

  • Beauregard Parish School Board, LA

  • Vicksburg School District, MS

  • Carson City School District, NV

  • Picayune School District, MS

  • Vicksburg Warren School District, MS

  • Southgate Community Schools, MI

  • Roane County Schools., WV

  • Mason County Schools, WV 

  • Travis Hill School New Orleans, LA

  • New York City Department of Education, NY

  • Santa Clara County Office of Education, CA

  • Pontotoc County Schools, MS

  • Bentonville Schools, AR

  • Atwater Elementary School District, CA

  • Perris Union High School District, CA

  • Burbank Unified School District, CA

  • Holy Family Trnity School, Peoria, IL

  • Empower, Carrubus County Schools, NC

  • Crete-Monee School District 201-U, IL

  • Jackson-Madison Co. School System, TN

  • South Bend Community School Corp, IN

  • Brandon House Performing Arts Ctr, AR

  • Aspira Charter Schools, PA

  • Hardin County Schools, KY

  • Killeen Independent School District, TX

  • Winn Parish School System, LA

  • Baybay City National High, Philippines

  • Pascagoula Gautier School District, MS

  • Fannin County School District, GA

  • Metro Educational Coop Service Unit, MN

  • Savannah Chatham County, GA

  • Salina Public Schools, KS

  • Lexington Urban League, KY

  • St. John the Baptist Parish Public Schools, LA

  •  ... and many more!



Utilize one of America's most accessible parent and family engagement leaders in

your schools!

We are delighted to give the Center for Disease Control (CDC) a permanent home on our web platform. Project Appleseed has launched a new web page dedicated to the CDC that provides important direction to families and schools. The CDC's Division of Adolescent School Health has partnered with Project Appleseed to promote effective parenting on National Parental Involvement Day for many years. We appreciate and value the CDC's contribution to keeping America's families and schools safe.

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Family Engagement Activities, Events, and Ideas

Plant the seeds of school improvement in your local schools with activities for your families every week of the school year! Below we have 30 family engagement activities, events and strategies with a focus on the 150 days between National Parental Involvement Day in November and Public School Volunteer Week in April.  

All too often, parent involvement in schools is not much more than the summation of a parent-teacher conference and an open house night. If parents are ever contacted individually by teachers, it is usually concerning a behavioral or academic issue in the classroom, and parents are left with a negative view of what it means to be involved with their children’s school. However, parent involvement is vital in student success and in creating a healthy, effective school environment.

Project Appleseed's Parental Involvement Pledge is the primary tool in the Parental Involvement Toolbox. The Toolbox is the point of enrollment that schools take to become involved in Project Appleseed. The Toolbox is designed for educators and parent leaders who strive to increase and mobilize family engagement to improve student outcomes!

Download our family engagement slideshow: Strong Families, Strong Schools

Family, school, and community engagement in education should be an essential strategy in building a pathway to college-­‐ and career-­‐readiness in today’s competitive global society. Research repeatedly correlates family engagement with student achievement, yet this strategy is rarely activated as an integral part of school reform efforts. (Weiss et al, 2010)

The Red Carpet Treatment for Schools

Can your school be so welcoming, so inviting, and so comfortable that every person who walks through the doors believes they are about to have an amazing experience? The Red Carpet Treatment is an opportunity to meet as a team in order to identify ways in which the school can create a more welcoming environment for families.

After a three year study of 14 schools engaging in teacher home visits for students, researchers at the California State University at Sacramento (CSUS) found evidence that home visits could increase student performance, jumpstart parent involvement, reduce discipline problems and increase overall positive attitudes toward school. If done correctly, a home visit program can give teachers, parents and students a better opportunity for connection, communication and collaboration.

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Project Appleseed, family engagement, parental involvement public schools

"A 10% increase in parental participation (a form of social capital) would increase academic achievement far more than a 10% increase in school spending."

Project Appleseed, family engagement, parental involvement public schools

This is not an argument against school budget increases, but an argument for paying attention to social capital (Putnam, Sanders 2001). Research repeatedly correlates family engagement with student achievement, yet this strategy is rarely activated as an integral part of school reform efforts (Weiss et al, 2010).  Our program can increase family engagement in your school community!

Project Appleseed's Parental Involvement Toolbox is ourl program designed for educators and parent leaders to supersize and mobilize family engagement.

You get unlimited membershio reproduction rights to our web site content for distribution in newsletters, memos, booklets, pamphlets and more for one year!*

Learn family engagement with our In-person or Online training!. Utilize one of America's most accessible parent and family engagement leaders in your schools!

Download our slideshow: Strong Families, Strong Schools! Family engagement should be an essential strategy in building partnership with parents.