The Habits Of Successful Students





What makes one student succeed in school while another student fails? Is it how smart they are? Is it how successful their parents are? Is it how hard they work? The answer is that there is no singular formula for what makes a successful student, but there are a number of choices that most successful students make that contribute to their school achievement. Even tackling one of these habits at a time can help any student get on the path to better grades, academic accomplishments, and higher aspirations.


  • Successful students pay attention in class.

  • Successful students follow their teacher’s instructions.

  • Successful students enjoy learning.

  • Successful students enjoy challenging themselves.

  • Successful students attend class regularly.

  • When successful students miss class, they inform their teacher beforehand and complete missed work afterward.

  • Successful students ask questions when they are confused.

  • Successful students schedule time at home to complete homework.

  • Successful students complete homework assignments regularly.

  • Successful students pass in clean and neat assignments.

  • Successful students take advantage of extra credit opportunities.

  • Successful students meet with teachers after class if they need help.

  • Successful students study with friends or call a friend when they need help.

  • Successful students get more than eight hours of sleep at night.

  • Successful students eat breakfast before school.

  • Successful students have interests and activities outside of class.

  • Successful students have short-term academic goals.

  • Successful students have long-term academic goals.

  • Successful students are organized.

  • Successful students are motivated by learning.

  • Successful students read books for pleasure outside of the classroom.

  • Successful students balance school with time with friends and family.

  • Successful students limit their time in front of the television.

  • Successful students prepare for upcoming tests deliberately and over a number of days.

  • Successful students review their notes before beginning an assignment.

  • Successful students do no try to study too much at one time or to cram.

  • Successful students communicate with their parents and teachers if they are having a problem in school or at home.

  • Successful students have a quiet place to study and do homework at home.

  • Successful students manage their time well.

  • Successful students keep up with the pace of the class.

  • Successful students actively participate in class.

  • Successful students regularly reflect on what they have learned.

  • Successful students know test-taking skills.

  • Successful students are leaders.

  • Successful students understand that they are ultimately responsible for their own success.


Written by Elliott Shostak for Project Appleseed

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Project Appleseed, family engagement, parental involvement public schools

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