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Take the Pledge

AS A PARENT, GRANDPARENT, OR CARING ADULT, I hereby give my pledge of commitment to help our community’s children achieve a truly independent future...

Public School Volunteer Week

National Parental Involvement Day

These are the celebrations in which schools recruit, engage, count and recognize the services of America’s dedicated school volunteers.

Parental Involvement Report Card

This is a self diagnostic tool which quizzes parents with questions based on standards found in the Six Slices of Parental Involvement.


ParentSquare's web-based communications platform is loaded with Project Appleseed's award-winning Parental Involvement Toolbox​.


Bye-Bye Digital Divide! Families in Title I schools can access free and low cost high-speed Internet, very low cost computers, tablets,  free software along with free digital literacy training. Get connected thru Project Appleseed's partnership with

150 Days of Family Engagement

There are 150 days or about 26 weeks, between National Parental Involvement Day in November and Public School Volunteer Week in April, each school year. Each day, each week, represents an opportunity to engage parents.


Capacity Building Partnership

Our Capacity Building Partnership focuses on systemic parent engagement for community, corporate and foundation partnerships. Project Appleseed's goals in education organizing focus on system change and school accountability. 

Our Program Step-By-Step

Although family involvement in education is not an original idea, a systemic and integrated approach to family engagement represents an innovative strategy in education.

Distribute the Pledge

The Toolbox is the point of enrollment that schools take to become involved in Project Appleseed. This effective model is research based, meets state mandates,Title I and best practices.