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Why Should You Do Something good today?


For over 20 years, Project Appleseed has been an effective advocacy organization that engages public school families by mobilizing volunteers, building responsibility and promoting accountability — both at school and at home. We focus on low-income and under-served families and schools. The positive effect of our efforts are clear: academic achievement rises in tandem with parental involvement.


Help us close the homework gap for a family, now! Holding parents responsible will cut the drop-out rate, cut drug abuse, end violence, fix the schools and rebuild communities. The first step in fixing schools is family engagement. The second step is communicating with all families each school year with information about school programs and their children's progress. More than 30% of low income families in don't have computers and broadband access at home.


You can change that now!

You make a donation.

Your tax-deductible gifts of $10 or more are processed by Justgive. Donate now! or build a targeted technology gift!

Funding buys computers & more.

Desktops, laptops, tablets, & broadband modems are purchased at big discounts from EveryoneOn. Schools request gifts here.

Family gets computer & training.

Equipment, training & family engagement is delivered directly to a struggling family or the parent group at targeted schools. Details.

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