Cabarrus Parental Involvement Toolbox 2018-19      

Created July 11, 2018

On-line Training July 9, 2018 Powerpoint Presentation by Project Appleseed president Kevin Walker

  • Agenda: Introduction to the Parental Involvement Toolbox, Six Slices of Parental Involvement, distribution of the Parental Involvement Pledge and Report Card.  All program support material is located on this website under the "Our Program" menu.

  • Next Steps: Schools are encouraged to follow the 10 step plan to distribute the Cabarrus School District Parental Involvement Pledge to every family. 

  • Save the Dates: National Parental Involvement Day, Nov. 15, 2018 and Public School Volunteer Week, April 22--26, 2019

Individual Parental Involvement Toolboxes

Updated September 1, 2018


Northwest Cabarrus High School

Concord Middle School

Harold E. Winkler Middle


C.C. Griffith Middle School

Harrisburg Elementary

J.N. Fries Elementary School

Royal Oak Elementary

Northwest Cabarrus Middle School

W. M. Irvin Elementary

Weddington Hills Elementary


Wolff Meadow Elementary School


Winecoff Elementary

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Project Appleseed, family engagement, parental involvement public schools

"A 10% increase in parental participation (a form of social capital) would increase academic achievement far more than a 10% increase in school spending."

Project Appleseed, family engagement, parental involvement public schools

This is not an argument against school budget increases, but an argument for paying attention to social capital (Putnam, Sanders 2001). Research repeatedly correlates family engagement with student achievement, yet this strategy is rarely activated as an integral part of school reform efforts (Weiss et al, 2010).  Our program can increase family engagement in your school community!

Project Appleseed's Parental Involvement Toolbox is ourl program designed for educators and parent leaders to supersize and mobilize family engagement.

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